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This is a list of symbols of the United States District of Columbia.


Type Symbol Date Image
Flag Flag of the District of Columbia 1938[1] Flag of the District of Columbia
Seal Seal of the District of Columbia [1] Seal of the District of Columbia
Motto Justitia omnibus
(Latin for "Justice for all")[1]
Nickname Federal City


Type Symbol Date Image
Song "Washington" by Jimmie Dodd[2] 1951
March "Our Nation's Capitol" by Anthony A. Mitchell[3] 1961


Type Symbol Date Image
Bird Wood thrush
(Hylocichla mustelina)
1967[1] Wood thrush
Dinosaur Capitalsaurus[1] 2001[4]
Fish American Shad
(Alosa sapidissima)
[5] American Shad
Flower 'American Beauty' rose
(Rosa 'American Beauty')
Fruit Cherry 2006[1] Stella Cherry
Mammal Big Brown Bat 2020[1] Big Brown Bat
Tree Scarlet oak
(Quercus coccinea)
1960[1] Scarlet oak


Type Symbol Date Image
Cocktail Rickey 2011[6]
Rock Sykesville Formation
(Potomac bluestone)

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