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Yan Liming (Chinese: 颜黎明; pinyin: Yán Límíng; 15 April 1963 – 22 September 2018), better known as Dawn Gan, was a Singaporean xinyao singer. She was one of the pioneer xinyao singers in Singapore.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Gan was born on 15 April 1963[2] and studied at River Valley High School[3] and National Junior College.[4]


In 1984, Gan signed a five-year contract with Tony Wong Company as a singer,[4] one of the first two solo xinyao recording singers.[5]

Gan sang the theme song, Youth 1 2 3, for the 1986 Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) Channel 8's drama The Happy Trio.[3] In September 1986, Tony Wong Company would cease its operations, and had agreed to release Gan from her 5-year contract ahead of the clause which would abrogated the contract if the company did not release a new album for her within a year from her last release.[6] In March 1987, Gan signed with the record label, Ocean Butterflies Music.[7]

In 1988, Gan also made her acting debut in a Channel 8 drama, Song of Youth, about aspiring singers.[8][a] In the drama, she played an eponymous named undergraduate student whose personality matches her real self and writes lyrics for other.[9] In promoting the drama, SBC held a concert which Gan also performed at.[2] She left record label Ocean Butterflies Music[10] and signed with recording company, WEA Records (now known as Warner Music Group).[8] Production of her albums was still done by Ocean Butterflies Music.[10]

From 2008, Gan had performed yearly at the annual Xinyao Reunion Concert series organised by TCR Music Station until 2018. In July 2014, she also performed at a xinyao concert held at Bras Basah Complex as part of the xinyao documentary film, The Songs We Sang.[11]

Personal life[edit]

Gan was married with two sons and a daughter and lived in Hong Kong with her family.[11]

Gan was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in 2013 and then early-stage breast cancer in 2014. She had five surgeries to remove four tumours and a lobe of her lung and were deemed tumour-free in 2016.[12] She died on 22 September 2018 in Hong Kong.[11]

Two concerts were held in memorial of Gan, one held at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on 10 October 2018 by TCR Music Station and another concert, Embracing Dawn – Farewell For Dawn Gan, at Capitol Theatre, on 15 October 2018 organised by Singapore Press Holdings' Chinese Media Group and local record label Ocean Butterflies Music.[13]


Year Title Native title Ref
1985 偶遇的女孩 [14]
1986 Youth 1 2 3 青春 1 2 3 [15]


  1. ^ Both sources have contradictory names for the drama. Song of Youth is the correct translated name.


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