grounding (countable and uncountable, plural groundings)

  1. Fundamental knowledge or background in a field or discipline.
    • 1963 June, “New Books: Diesel Traction Manual for Enginemen. British Railways. 30s.”, in Modern Railways, page 432:
      The readers to whom the book is principally addressed, B.R. drivers and trainee drivers, have at last been provided with a clearly written and exceptionally well-illustrated handbook of diesel locomotive practice, combining a grounding in the basic principles of the internal combustion engine with a clear exposition of electrical machines and circuitry such as is not found in most textbooks.
  2. The return to a fully conscious state after a psychedelic experience.
  3. The collision of a ship with ground beneath the surface of the water.
  4. The prevention of aircraft takeoff because of government action.
  5. (electrical engineering) The interconnecting metal chassis/frame of a device, appliance, machine, or metal raceway via a designated conductor to earth at the service panel. It may be bare or covered, and does not carry current in normal operation.
  6. The absorption of energy through visualized "roots" descending from oneself into the ground, using chi.
  7. The act by which a child is grounded (forbidden from going out, using electronics, etc.).
  8. The background of embroidery, etc.

Derived terms[edit]




  1. present participle of ground